Seth Rogen Testifies Before Senate Appropriations on Alzheimers Disease

‘This is the first time in any Congressional hearing in history that the words Knocked Up have ever been heard’

2 Hollywood Stars on Capitol Hill (New York Times)

WASHINGTON — Television and the movies cannot seem to resist juicy Washington settings — “House of Cards” (intrigue!), “Scandal” (high drama!) or maybe “Veep” (zany!) — but on Wednesday, Capitol Hill will provide the background for two Hollywood stars with real-life missions.

In a double-header of celebrity cameos, Ben Affleck and Seth Rogen are scheduled to testify before Congress, Mr. Affleck before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (on the prospects for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo) and Mr. Rogen before a panel of the Senate Appropriations Committee (on the economic impact of Alzheimer’s disease).

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