Heilemann: Trump Campaign Is a ‘Policy Free Zone’

‘What I’ll say now is that in terms of policy, the Trump campaign has put out virtually nothing’

HEILEMANN: “I — look, I’m not on that — on those planes, Joe. What I’ll say right now is that in terms of policy, the Trump campaign has had — has put out virtually nothing. Literally, again, like their advertising effort and like some other elements of the non-campaign, as Nicolle described it before. There is no — this is not a traditional — by [indecipherable] a traditional standard. This is a policy-free zone. There are not white papers. There are not significant policy documents on almost anything that have come out of the Trump campaign. If those — I’m always happy to concede that on a given plane that a guy like Corey Lewandowski, he can keep certain conversations from happening."

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