Florida Dem Alex Sink: We Need Immigration Reform So We Have Landscapers and Maids

‘Where are you going to get people to work to clean our hotel rooms or do our landscaping?’

Florida Democrat: Without Immigration Reform, Where Will We Get Our Landscapers and Maids? (Washington Free Beacon)

Florida Democratic congressional candidate Alex Sink said immigration reform was important at a Tuesday debate because, without it, it would be difficult for employers to find people to clean hotel rooms and do landscaping.

“Immigration reform is important in our country,” she said. “We have a lot of employers over on the beaches that rely upon workers and especially in this high-growth environment, where are you going to get people to work to clean our hotel rooms or do our landscaping? We don’t need to put those employers in a position of hiring undocumented and illegal workers.”

Evidently, without this reform, these blue-collar jobs will fall into the hands of illegal aliens.

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