CNN: RNC Staffers Told if They Don’t Support Trump They Have to Go

‘If you’re not for Trump you gotta go’

KING: "He also has to depend on a party data operation, the Republican national committee tried to learn the lessons of the two big Obama wins and part of the tension, part of the questions about the tension is can he strike peace or detante with the party to coordinate and cooperate well. There’s a lot of great pieces out there. Jonathan your part in the front of the “New York Times,” staffer at the RNC were told this week if they weren’t ready to get behind trump they should pack up their stuff."
MARTIN: "If you can’t commit to the general election, find a way to leave the party."
KING: "Is that from Reince Priebus or a message from trump, people outside?"
MARTIN: "Delivered by an RNC staffer on a conference call this week and the staffers I talked to on the conference call very clearly interpreted it as okay so if you’re not for Trump you gotta go.

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