‘Chicks on the Right’: ‘We Will Reluctantly’ Vote for Trump Against Hillary

‘Hillary is using the women card’


COSTELLO: “Miriam, why can’t you support Donald Trump?” 
WEAVER: “In the primary? There’s so many reasons. And we’ve gone into great detail about this on our show and on our website, chicksontheright.com. He’s — his behavior is so juvenile in so many ways and it’s hard to — it’s hard to imagine him in — in a presidential role when he takes out most of his fighting onto Twitter. So, you know, putting aside the fact that he has been on every side of every issue, it’s the behavior that he displays on the public stage that’s been really upsetting to us and that makes it very, very difficult for us to support him. Now, that said, in the general election, we will reluctantly vote for him against Hillary Clinton.”

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