Eleanor Clift: Rand Paul Sounds Like He’s Trying To Stir Anti-Government Revolt

‘It’s like he’s trying to stir a revolt against the U.S. government’

Clift: Rand Paul "Trying To Stir A Revolt Against The U.S. Government" (RealClearPolitics)

On this weekend's broadcast of The McLaughlin Group, regular liberal panelist Eleanor Clift accused Senator Rand Paul of trying to "stir a revolt against the U.S. government."

ELEANOR CLIFT: I'm with John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who basically said this was over the top and creating a sense that the government is really just waiting for this opportunity to drop a drone on you. But, I'll grant you the point. The ACLU put out a statement siding with Rand Paul and this is where the left and the right do meet.

There are genuine questions about the drones and he did ask them. But he took it to a dimension which really does raise questions about the -- I want to say this gracefully, so maybe I better not say it at all. It raises questions about, you know, what he's up to. It's like he's trying to stir a revolt against the U.S. government.


CLIFT: He said, 'if I'm a tea party person, the government is going to come after me.' Now, there are tea party people out there who believe that. That is fueling the notion of 'us against them, it's them against this government.' I didn't hear any of this when President Bush was in the White House, who created the drone program, only when Obama's doing it.

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