Obama on Safe Zones in Syria: ‘Not a Matter of an Ideological Objection on My Part’

‘One of the things I have learned is that we have to make sure that whatever it is that we say we are going to do, we can deliver’

BARACK OBAMA: "One thing I do want to say with respect to Syria, we all care deeply about the tragic humanitarian crisis inside of Syria. I have lived — I live with this every day, I read about this every day, we talked to people who are experiencing suffering or are witnessing the suffering going on there. We are in constant communications with Turkey, our nato ally in finding ways which we can resolve the situation. As you know, I spoke to president utin early last week to try to make sure that we could reinstate that the political process is not online. — Online. Having said all that, the issues of having a safezone, is not a matter of an ideological objection on my part, it is not a matter of me not wishing I could help and protect a whole bunch of people. It is a very practical issue about how do you do it, and who is going to put a bunch of ground troops inside of Syria, and how do you let people in, and who you let in, and who do let out. And how is it monitored. The truth of the matter is, that when I go through with my defense department and we have done it multiple times, how a proposal like that might work as a practical matter, sadly it is very difficult to see how it would operate short of us essentially being willing to merit — militarily take over a big chunk of that country. That requires a big military commitment and I think that one of the biggest challenges that Angela and I both face is that we often see great wrongs going on around the world and we do everything we can to try to write them, but one of the things I have learned is that we have to make sure that whatever it is that we say we are going to do, we can deliver. And creating a situation in which we could actually protect all of the people inside of Syria, the best bet for doing that is to get this political process on T a transition on track, so that all the parties can safely let down their arms."

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