Man Yells ‘I Love Jesus Christ’ While Breaking Into Cop Car; Darth Vader Watches

Superman was spotted at the scene as well

Man Yells ‘I Love Jesus Christ’ While Breaking Into Cop Car with Darth Vader Watching (Mediaite)

There is nothing that isn’t completely crazy about this story. A man was arrested on Tuesday after breaking into an LAPD car and taking a laptop from it. Now, that sounds fairly standard, except for three things: 1) the entire incident was caught on camera by a local news photographer, 2) the man in question was shouting about Jesus, and 3) one of the witnesses was Darth Vader.

Yes, this individual utilizes two large metal construction stakes to smash the windows of a police vehicle. As he did so, he cried, “I love Jesus Christ!” He reached into the car, pulled out the laptop, and walked away. The whole thing was caught on camera, and the camera also picked up the fact that Darth Vader was one of the key witnesses.

Police arrived on the scene within minutes, and they soon learned it wasn’t just Darth Vader who saw what happened, Superman was on the scene too. He said, “It’s not my job to jump in the middle.” Yeah, sure, Superman.

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