Cruz: The People of N.Y. Have Suffered’ Under Liberal Policies

‘Heidi and I, we are fighting for you’

CRUZ: "The phrase New York values actually didn't come from me, it came from Donald Trump. It was in an interview that he gave a number of years ago on Meet the Press where he was explaining his longtime support for partial birth abortion. And his explanation was, hey, I am from New York. Those are New York values, they are not Iowa values.So I was repeating Donald's own phrasing. Now, let me be clear. As I have said many times, the people of New York, the folks here, you all have suffered under the left-wing Democratic policies year after year after year that forced on you by politicians who aren't listening to you. And Heidi and I, we're fighting for you. We're fighting for the people for New York who are fed up why Governor Cuomo thinks that the New Yorkers don't want jobs and won't allow fracking to develop the natural resources. Pennsylvania will get jobs."

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