CBS: ‘Trump Can’t Stop Talking About Alleged Plots to Derail His Presidential Campaign’

CBS News poll shows he still leads the Republican race with 42 percent support among GOP voters nationwide


ROSE: "Donald Trump cannot stop talking about alleged plots to derail his presidential campaign. But a CBS News poll out this morning shows he is still leading the republican race. 42 percent of GOP voters nationwide support Trump. He is 13 points ahead of Ted Cruz, with John Kasich still in third place."

O'DONNELL: "Our poll also found republicans don't agree which candidate can unite the party. All three of them received at least 30 percent support. The 'New York Daily News' is backing Kasich for the nomination. The paper's editorial board praises the Ohio governor's quote, maturity and practicing that activism and said his two rivals would be quote disastrous as president."

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