Cruz: ‘We Have a Clear Path Forward to Get to 1,237 Delegates’

‘We’ve got to win and we’ve got to win consistently’

BASH: "Okay. So no question you did very well in Wisconsin. And you should be commended for that victory."
CRUZ: "Thank you."
BASH: "But do you concede that at this point your only realistic way to get the nomination is at the convention? Not your only mathematical way, but your only realistic way?" 
CRUZ: "Not remotely. Look, we have a clear path forward to get to 1, 237 delegates. It’s difficult. We’ve got to win and we’ve got to win consistently. But I’ll point out in the last three weeks, we have won in four states in a role. We won a landslide in Utah, nearly 70 percent of the vote, we’ve got all of the delegates."

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