Noah: I Can’t Believe Ted Cruz’ Win in Wisc. Has Become Good News

‘Good news, Ted Cruz winning has now become good news — blah, blah’

NOAH: Now let's focus on the positive for now, you know. Trump got grilled. And he got grilled by the cheese state. Congratulations, Wisconsin. You finally did the thing that even Donald Trump couldn't do. And that was stop Donald Trump. For months no one has been able to stop Trump and then all of a sudden the dairy state comes in and they're like what? This asshole, [bleep] cheese and Trump's loss has huge implications.
KARL:  A big blow for Donald Trump last night it just got a lot harder for him to clinch the nomination before the convention.
CNN: He needs 60% of the remaining delegates to get the nomination.
KARL: I think it is virtually certain that we are headed towards a contested convention this summer in Cleveland.
[end video]
NOAH: Oh hell yeah. A contested convention and Wisconsin, it's all because of you. This calls for a celebration. You deserve it, baby. Get that cheddar, y'all, get that cheddar, oh, yeah. Save that for later, please, that made me hungry, yes. Good news from the mid west. I can't believe I just said that. Good news, Ted Cruz winning has now become good news. Blah, blah.

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