Hillary Spox Won’t Answer on Whether She Stands with Rahm Emanuel

‘She’s been very clear of her criticism of what has happened in Chicago’

BOLDUAN: "She's in Chicago today. I want to turn to Chicago. She's having an event there today. She has a long relationship with Rahm Emanuel. Does she still support Rahm Emanuel?" 
SCHAKE: "I think this is just the latest in attacks from Bernie Sanders trying to tie her to the mayor. She's been very clear that the Justice Department. She's the first candidate to say the Justice Department needed to do a review of the shooting and the Chicago police department, and the first speech she gave in this campaign was about criminal justice reform. Her record is clear. I think this is the latest attempt to distort and distract and try to make this more negative in the final days."
BOLDUAN: "You say it's Bernie Sanders' attempt to tie her to Rahm Emanuel."
SCHAKE: "She's been very clear of her criticism of what has happened in Chicago and will be looking at that Justice Department report."

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