Hillary Spox: Clinton ‘Wasn’t Really Clear’ on Coal Miners Comment

‘For months she has been talking about the coal miners and the transition that they have gone through’

BERMAN: "We're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. How's that going to play in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia?"

SCHAKE: "You know, she wasn't very clear about how she said that. But you know, she is the one candidate who actually has a plan to help coal miners and their communities transition to clean energy. I mean that wasn't very clear and graceful, the way she said it --"

BERMAN: "So, you are saying you're -- she wishes she hadn't said it like that?"

SCHAKE: "You know what? The truth is as I think that for months she's been talking about coal miners, and the transition that they've gone through in this economy, since the 1980s, they've been losing jobs. And she thinks leaders in Washington D.C. haven't been paying enough attention and really helping them at that transition. And she is the one who actually has a plan to help revitalize those  communities and really invest in job training and repurposing mining sites and factories to help them transition. So, she didn't say it very gracefully, but when you really look at her record and what she's laid out in this campaign, she's the one that's really with coal miners and trying to help them not only get the benefits that they have earned but the respect that they deserve." [crosstalk]

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