Wallace Grills Trump: Do You Take Any Responsibility for Violence at Your Rallies?

Trump: ‘They weren’t protesters, they were professional disrupters’

TRUMP: "The advocates as the being hit in the face by a tomato is not so good. I said, folks, you have two people with tomatoes. If you see them, door whatever you have to do to them, I don’t care. I think I’m totally within my rights. Everything I say — in fact, if you play 99% of the clips, I’m saying don’t hurt them, take it easy. Don’t hurt them. I’m saying it to the police who are really mistreated in this country, by the way. They’re not appreciated for the great job they do. Usually there’s the police, not my people, it’s the police in the various municipalities I go to. Honestly, they take — they really take it easy. And again, Chris, with rallies of 25,000 and 35,000 people, you don’t know of one injury in any of our rallies. The one place where we could have had a problem was Chicago, and other than ad your network, I’ve been given very, very good credit, very good credit for canceling because if I would have had that, we’ll postpone it actually, if I would have had that rally, you would have had a lot of problems. Those were professionals. Those were real professionals. They weren’t protesters, they were professional disrupters. They came in with the Bernie Sanders signs right out of his printing press. And they were disrupters. And I will tell you, though, Chris, with all of the rallies that you’ve been witnessing over many months, you haven’t had one person that’s even been hurt. And I’m sitting here listening to you tell me like, oh, like everybody’s being maimed. Not that way. And I have often said, do not hurt him. You’ve heard me say that. You don’t want to play those clips."

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