Clinton: Florida Will Be the Most at Risk from Climate Change of Any of Our States

‘Go talk to a scientists’

"I was told your governor send out a directive telling everybody who works for the state not to use the words climate change. Is that right? (Audience booing) I mean, you just got to shake your head at that. (Laughter) I mean, that is Republicans, including your senator, that you referenced earlier, Bob, who, when they are asked what do you think of climate change, they say, I don't know. I am not a scientist. 

Now, I have been going around the country saying there is a way to cure that, go talk to a scientist and actually listen to a scientist. (Applause) Or maybe go down to Miami Beach when now high tide is flooding the beach. Or maybe go talk to some of the water systems Central Florida, that are getting filled with salt water ... 

It is the height of responsibility and neglect for anybody in a position of authority not to recognize that Florida will be the most at risk from climate change of any of our states. (Applause) ...

People ask me all the time, who do I want to run against. That's not for me to decide. But given what they have all said, I will take any one of them."(Applause) 

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