Coburn: I Think Marco Has Better Chance of Winning than Ted

‘He’s right on issues, he’s just tough’

BRZEZINSKI: “Joining us from Tulsa, Oklahoma, the state’s former Republican Senator Tom Coburn. He’s endorsed Marco Rubio for president. Also join the table the news and finance anchor at Yahoo! Bianna Golodryga. Good to have you all on board. Joe, take it away.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Hey Tom, very good to talk to you as always. You’re endorsing Marco Rubio, why?”
COBURN: “Well I think Marco has the capability to pull the Republican Party together and not alienate anybody. He’s got a tough row to go, but he has lot broad experience in public affairs in foreign policy especially. I sat with him on the intelligence committee and he has the knowledge. You know, this is a big world we living today and a dangerous one. And I think it’s really important to have somebody of his caliber and his expertise in that. And I also love the man. I see his heart. I think his heart shows and I think he has the capability to win election.”
BRZEZINSKI: “So — but also in terms of choosing who to back, don’t you look at at this point whether the candidate is viable with all due respect?”
COBURN: “Well, you know, that’s never been my deal, Mika. You know, I pick who I think I believe in. I look at their heart and what I think about their soul and try to look inside the person and back that. I’m wrong a lot of times on what I back. And that doesn’t mean I won’t back somebody else if Marco doesn’t make it. It just means right now I love Marco’s heart. I like Ted Cruz’s heart as well. He’s right on issues, he’s just tough. I just think Marco would have a better chance of winning than Ted.”

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