Harold Ford Jr.: ‘Harder and Harder’ to See How Sanders Continues

‘I think it’s just harder and harder to see how Senator Sanders, even with the money he’s raising, how he continues’

GEIST: "Harold Ford, that was a big applause line. We talk about the state of this race right now where it appears she’s got — it would be hard for him to come back in terms of delegates right now. How strong is she right now?"
FORD: "It’s a must-win for him in Michigan and probably Mississippi as well from a delegate standpoint. He continues to wrack up wins but the delegates don’t favor him. I thought the back and forth last night for her, especially on the bailout piece where she got Senator Sanders acknowledge she did not vote to help save auto jobs and the wrong side of that would be Michigan. The gun exchange was fascinating because she was able to link his adamant strident opposition to the banking industry and suggest they care about profits and suggest it was the same with gun manufacture manufacturers. I think his point about putting gun manufacturers out of business until it would not grant immunity to gun makers was interesting but in that crowd last night and this particular state she served herself well and if she does well here in the next day or two I think it’s just harder and harder to see how senator Sanders, even with the money he’s raising, how he continues."

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