Hillary Spox: ‘She’s More than Willing’ to Talk to FBI

‘She actually offered that last August, several months ago she said if there was anything she could do, any questions she could answer that would help them complete their work’

MITCHELL: "He can certainly speak to the level of security that the private server had on a technical basis. And also to whom he communicated with and according to a former Republican, I should point out Republican attorney general and obviously judge and lawyer as well, there is legal jeopardy, put in some format that can be communicated. There is potential legal jeopardy for staffers or even for the former secretary of state herself."
FALLON: "With all due respect to the former attorney general, he was an advisor to the Jeb Bush campaign until that campaign recently folded and what he's saying just isn't right. If you look at what's happening with the e-mails belonging to Hillary Clinton, it is true that there have been several that have been subjected to after the fact classifications but that is routine when it comes to preparing materials for public release. There is a very low threshold for determining to hold things back when it's being prepared for public release. In the last several weeks we have learned that personal e-mails sent by Colin Powell, or her predecessor, were also subject to classification after the fact. He complained, called it an absurdity because he believed the information at issue had no reason to be classified but they did it anyway. Same thing happened to top aides to Condoleezza Rice and to Dennis Ross, long-time Mideast advisor and very respected diplomat who had his materials redacted even though the same materials were cleared for publication in his book. So we are confident that if the Justice Department review is allowed to proceed without any more political interference from the sidelines, they will conclude nothing at all inappropriate occurred and we actually viewed it as a potentially positive development what we read in the stories today because the "New York Times" was reporting that the Justice Department is perhaps on pace to conclude its review as soon as early may, six to eight weeks from now. If that's true, that would be great news and we are happy to cooperate in every way to help them complete their work, including by having Hillary Clinton herself answer questions. She actually offered that last August, several months ago she said if there was anything she could do, any questions she could answer that would help them complete their work she was more than happy to meet them any time, anywhere, and that offer respects on the table. They haven't taken us up on it yet. According to the reports, they may and that may indicate they are in the final stages and that would be very good news. We are just being very clear that she will testify under oath to the Justice Department and testify in full because clearly, should she not, that would create a whole other political issue. She is willing to answer any questions they have for her and she offered that back in August. It's not surprising I guess that they haven't taken us up on it yet because an interview of this kind would probably be something they would want to do near the tail end. So according to the reports today in both the "Post" and the "Times" they are getting ready to want to ask her to come answer some questions and that I think is a signal perhaps that they are nearing the end and she's more than willing to do that whenever they take her upon offer."

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