Kasich: Voters Are ‘Very Frustrated’ and Think Outsiders Can Fix the Problems

‘And when they don’t fix the problem they pick more outsiders and they get more angry’

HEMMER: “What do you think governor — what do you think America is saying when Trump wins with such  decisiveness?”
KASICH: “Oh, I completely understand it, Bill. This is a case where people are very frustrated and they keep picking outsiders thinking if they pick outsiders that somehow the outsiders are going to fix the problem. And when they don’t fix the problem they pick more outsiders, then they get more angry. And at some point you have to have conversation with them about — look, you are not going to win by insulting Trump. I believe you have to have a bigger vision and you have to show people that you have already achieved things in your lifetime and that you have a plan to get the country back up where people want it to be.”

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