Mark Penn: Attacks by Cruz, Rubio ‘Too Little Too Late’ to Stop Trump

‘They pursued a very irrational strategy of attacking each other rather than going after the front-runner’

BARTIROMO: “...bring in the former chief strategist to Hillary Clinton, right now, during her 2008 run for the White House. Mark Penn is with us. Mark good to see you.”
PENN: “Morning.”
BARTIROMO: “Let’s start with the Republicans. Cruz, Rubio, seems to be throwing whatever they can at Trump ahead of Super Tuesday to get — to see what might stick. Is it too little you think and too late at this point, they should have been much more aggressive earlier on?”
PENN: “Yeah, they pursued a very irrational strategy of it — of attacking each other rather than going after the front-runner and trying to make it a two race earlier. It looks like too little — too — too late. Rubio does seem on fire. I mean the question isn’t whether he could win on Super Tuesday, could he come within 120 delegates — of Trump, so that he has a chance on March 15th. If he doesn’t, if it’s up to 200 delegate blowout that he really has no —“

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