Mark Penn: ‘Hillary Clinton Is Fully Vetted’

‘I think Hillary Clinton will win decisively and bring country together’

BARTIROMO: “What’s your take on a Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump election at the end of the day? Is this Hillary’s dream to be competing against Donald Trump?”
PENN: “Well I think when you think about it, Hillary Clinton is fully vetted. I think they’ve thrown everything at Hillary you ever can and she’s standing strong. Donald Trump is new and I think people are learning about him, and I think he’s got much greater vulnerabilities. I’ve said all along, look I think, if it’s Trump/Hillary Clinton, I think Hillary Clinton will win decisively and it will bring the country together around a lot of themes that Donald Trump is trying to divide the country around.”
BARTIROMO: “Well, two things, I don’t think she’s standing strong and I don’t know that she would bring the country together. I think that’s debatable. But, go ahead Michael.”

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