Trump Spox Retracts: Trump ‘Does Know Who David Duke Is, Yes’

‘He does know who David Duke is’

HALL: "My colleague Joe Scarborough wrote an op-ed and says "He kinds like a dixiecrat from the 1950s than the nominee the GOP leads four years by losing hispanics 47 percent, black Americans by 87 percent and Asian Americans by 47%. The answer give on the Jake tapper according to Joe, he believes this is disqualifying for Donald Trump as a candidate. Do you believe it is in."
PIERSON: "It wasn't disqualifying when a Klansman leader did endorse Barack Obama in 2008. A sitting senator in the united States up until 2010."
HALL: "You're talking about senator Robert Byrd who disavowed his own relationship with the KKK." 
PIERSON: "So why would it be a disqualifier?"
HALL: "Let me explain why. Senator Byrd disavowed his relationship with the KKK."
PIERSON: "Apparently so did David Duke."
HALL: "David Duke has not. David Duke endorsed -- we're talking about the endorsement of trump here. I think you're trying to conflate these two things."
PIERSON: "There is no endorsement from David Duke to Donald Trump." 
HALL: "Does Donald Trump know who David Duke is?"
PIERSON: "He does now, absolutely."
HALL: "He didn't yesterday?"
PIERSON: "He did not know what Jake Tapper was talking about when it a "Time" the anti-definition league."
HALL: "Did he know who David duke was yesterday?"
PIERSON: "I'm telling you he did not know Jake Tapper, combining the anti-definition league and David duke, he did not know what Jake was referring to because the reports that came out after the fact saying there was no endorsement." 
HALL: "You're saying he believes David Duke was a member of the anti-definition league. I'm not clear."
PIERSON: "He does know who David Duke is. Yes."

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