Trump Spox: Despite Knowing David Duke in 2000, He Doesn’t Know Who He Is Now

‘He didn’t know what Jake was asking him about when he was talking about’

HALL: "He also said he does not know David duke. You point out that, yes, in Texas, he said I disavow, and he kind of said it in this flippant way. The question is what happened between that statement of disavowing David duke and this interview with Jake tapper. There are those who believe here that someone got to Donald Trump and said, you need this vote. You need some of the angriest parts of this party to put you through. I ask this because we're now uncovering NBC in 2000, Donald Trump said, David duke is a bigot, a racist, a problem. I mean, this is not exactly the people you want. How do you go from saying that in 2000, from the man who says he has the most incredible memory, to saying yesterday, he doesn't know David duke? Which is the truth? Does he know David duke, the quote, bigot, the person that's a racist and a problem, or does he not?"
PIERSON: "Well, I think the identifying mechanism is a fact that that was 16 years ago with the reform party, which was not brought up."
HALL: "The identifying mechanism is does he know David duke or not? Did he not say that?"
PIERSON: "My point, 16 years ago, the name was associated with a different organization. Which is why this time he says he did not know which organization he was talking about."
HALL: "He didn't know this was the David duke from the KKK? He thought -- he called David duke, Katrina, from the reform party, a racist, a problem."
PIERSON: "Yes." 
HALL: "Why did he call David Duke from the reform party a racist?"
PIERSON: "Because he didn't know what Jake was asking him about when he was talking about the anti-defamation league. But I will say this. The conspiracy that someone tried to tell him that he needed that vote, I have to remind everybody, a poll that just came out today, Donald Trump is almost at 50%, which means every single candidate in the race combined can't even compete."

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