Rubio on Trump/KKK: ‘No Place in the Conservative Movement for David Duke’

‘There is no place in the conservative movement for David Duke, the KKK, or any other bigotry in America’

RUBIO: "Should the Republican nominee, like someone like Donald Trump, refused, refused, to criticize the Ku klux Klan. He was interviewed on CNN and asked to disavow the Ku klux Klan and refused to do it. He refused to disavoid duke and he wouldn't do tp he said he doesn't know who that is. He knows exactly who it is. He didn't disputed Robo calls saying don't vote for a Cuban. I don't get offended easily. But this is not just against me. They are trying to take over the conservative movement. There is no place in the conservative movement for David duke, the kkk or any other bigotry in America. So we have to win. We have to win this election. And we have to win this primary. And we will win if you nominate me. If you nominate me, I will unite this party. And I will grow it. We will take our message to people living wait I live. We will take our message to people struggling paycheck to pay check. The way I grew up. The way my parents had to raise us. If you can give me a minute, this young lady here doesn't --"

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