Halperin: ‘Trump Is a Very Dangerous General Election’ Candidate for Hillary

‘He has zero paid television ads up in Super Tuesday states right now’

SCARBOROUGH: "Mark Halperin, he does it with Instagrams. Look at what he’s done, not only what we talked about the Clintons, look what he did with Jeb Bush, defined him as a low-energy candidate, I had John Huey and several other people in South Carolina stunned, they asked intelligent people who are you voted for and they didn’t bring up Jeb and they’d say why? “Well, he’s low energy, he’s weak.” And Ted Cruz, liar, liar, liar, everyday he’s calling him a liar. It’s non-stop. What’s he done? Driven down Ted Cruz’s numbers among evangelicals. This is — I’ve got to believe — I mean, if I were the Clintons I would much rather run against Marco or Ted Cruz. I can figure that out, mark Halperin."
HALPERIN: "Let me tell you something remarkable about trump and his dominance of earned media. As best we can tell, he has zero paid television ads up in super Tuesday states right now. Zero. He’s rich enough that he could bury — he could spend $10 million in Texas and bury Ted Cruz. He doesn’t need to do it. I think the two weeks where trump without paid media using social media tangled with the Clintons was extraordinarily cautionary for a lot of Hillary Clinton’s supporters. Trump put them on the defensive everyday. They backed off and while they can see a why to beat trump, there’s also ways he could make her life miserable and poach on votes that Democrats count on. So I think Donald Trump is a very dangerous general election —"
SCARBOROUGH: "It’s a different map."
HALPERIN: "People close to her know that."

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