Kasich: The Establishment Is Fearful of Me

‘They were fearful of Reagan, they’re fearful of my friend Newt Gingrich, they are fearful of me’


VARNEY: “You haven't directly hit Donald Trump, I don't think. Maybe a comment or two, but you're not—“

KASICH: “I did a couple -- a number of debates ago i talked about his policies on deportation, but back and forth.”

VARNEY: “And you're not as particularly anti-Trump and he hasn't attacked you that much, nothing like Cruz or Mr. Rubio. You want to be the nom outsider candidate of the party and you and Rubio for that role, isn't it?”

KASICH: “No, no, no, look, Stuart, I’ve always been a guy that's shaken up the establishment. The establishment has always been fearful of me. look, they were fearful of Reagan, they were fearful of my friend Newt Gingrich and they're fearful of me, nobody tells me what to do except my wife and at the end of the day i think the establishment gets nervous around me 'cause I’m a guy that shakes things up and I don't see on K street and listen to a bunch of lobbyists or Washington insiders, I never have and I never will. In terms of how to campaign, look, Stuart, for most of my campaign, no one knew who I was. they thought my name was governor of Ohio and now I’m starting to get attention, we're drawing big crowds and why do i want to go negative? why don't i tell people what I’m for rather than spend my time bashing somebody else, if that works, great, if it doesn't work, great. You know?”

VARNEY: “Governor Kasich come on this show anytime, sir, we'd love to have you back. Thanks for being on today.”

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