Eric Trump: We’re Going to Win Nevada

‘I really think we’re going to do great’


HEMMER: “Eric Trump executive vice president of acquisitions of the Trump organization, also the son of Donald Trump and Founder of the Eric Trump foundation in Vegas. Thanks for coming back here.”
TRUMP: “Hey Bill, how are you?”
HEMMER: “I’m fine thank you. You been on the ground a couple days to give us a sense of where this campaign is? Are you in contact with supporters who show up for you tonight?”
TRUMP: “I think our ground game is fantastic. We’ve been calling 30,000 people a day. Literally, volunteers show up at our centers in the morning. Is crowds of people who want to come out and support the campaign and it’s been tremendous. We’ve been in Vegas a long time, five years for my father and family building the big hotel we have here so we know so many people in the state. It’s been an amazing place for us .”
HEMMER: “Here’s what I’m reading. Help me down on this. Reports suggest that what we saw in Iowa is what’s happening in Nevada and that is, people don’t see the trump ground game there. Is that true or not?”
TRUMP: “I don’t think it’s true at all. We had close to 15,000 people register as a republican from independent and democrat just to vote for us. You go out to the rally and we had seven, 8000 people in an amazing read arena last night. They were going crazy. You were showing clips before carol there is tremendous support in the state. We are doing everything right and fingers crossed, we are going to win it. It’s a sentimental place for us because of what I said before and the money we put into this state and the amount of time we spent here, it’s a second home. I spend so much time in the state. I think we are going to do great.”
HEMMER: “The rally there, he made a comment I’d like to punch him in the face talking about people getting carried out on a stretcher in protest. Chris Wallace was talking to your father on Sunday about acting presidential and when does that transition happen? Suggests he can do it in any time . When at that time, Eric?”
TRUMP: “I think my father was having a lot of fun with the crowd. It was an amazing moment that had me laughing. It’s sad that we have a society where you have 78,000 people in a room as I mentioned before and they’re having a great time and therefore a serious reason and are there because they love somebody and then you have one clown stand up and start making a ruckus and they interfere for so many people. Go do that somewhere else. I’m glad to see my father unlike so many other candidates that has the microphone stolen away from them. I’m glad he has backbone and is willing to go out and say that. We need people who are tough. It’s really sad how much society has degraded that people think that’s an okay social norm to do.”
HEMMER: “You noted your detractors would say that’s cool but handle it a different way. I’ve got five seconds. You sound very confident. Are you going to win in Nevada tonight?”
TRUMP: “We’re going to win tonight. I feel good about tonight.”
HEMMER: “Thank you Eric. Eric Trump there in Nevada today. We will see what happens. Thank you for your time.”

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