Biden on Donald Trump vs. Pope Francis: ‘It’s Not Even Close’

‘Pope Francis, Trump, it’s not a hard call for me’

MADDOW: "Pope Francis did his cross-border mass yesterday --"
BIDEN: "I love that guy."
MADDOW: "He is a world wide figure in a way that not all Popes have been. On his way home from his six day trip to Mexico on his plane he made remarks to reporters today, and he was specifically asked about Donald Trump. He said anybody who was building walls instead of building bridges is not a Christian. And, Trump has reacted to this. Called it disgraceful, the Pope’s remarks, and said that nobody should question his faith. I have to ask you as a Catholic, and as an observer of 2016, what you think about that?"
BIDEN: "Pope Francis, Trump, it’s not a hard call for me. It’s not even close."

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