Scarborough: Vatican Is ‘Trying to Give Their Dictates to Republican Candidates in America’

‘I can’t believe he said anything’


SCARBOROUGH: “But what you don’t do if you’re a religious leader — and yes, I will say it — if you want to be consistent with the teachings of the gospels, what you don’t do is say a man is not a Christian if he does X politically. What you can say is go to Matthew 25 and look where Jesus talks about those that are going to be sheep separated from the goats and those are the ones that give a cup of water to the thirsty, that feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, that visit people in jail, that bring hope to the hopeless, you can say that but you just can’t say as a religious leader if you want to be consistent with the teachings of Christ, ‘If you support a tough immigration policy, you’re not a Christian.’”
KAY: “That’s not what he said?” 
ROBINSON: “And thank you, Martin Luther, we’re relitigating the reformation.” [crosstalk]
KAY: “He said if you only build walls. He didn’t say because Donald Trump has a tough policy on immigration he is not a Christian. That is not what the pope said.”
BRZEZISNKI: “I can’t believe he said anything.”
SCARBOROUGH: “I can’t, either.”
STEELE: “That’s the key thing.”
BRZEZINSKI: “It’s a problem that a lot of people have —“
BARNICLE: “That’s who he is. That’s who he is.”
SCARBOROUGH: “And you think it’s good for the pope to get involved in American politics? It’s so fascinating.”
BRZEZINSKI: “And call someone not Christian?”
SCARBOROUGH: “How we have turned from 1960 to 2016 where in 1960 people were afraid John Kennedy was going to get his dictates from the Vatican and now we have the Vatican trying to give their dictates to Republican candidates in America.”
BARNICLE: “He’s not doing that. He’s not doing that.”
ROBINSON: “He is not doing that. But if he were there is a centuries long tradition of popes getting involved in politics. Story to break the news, but they have done it.”
KAY: “And preaching inclusivity.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Let’s see how he’s doing in the polls given all of this.”
BARNICLE: “The pope?” (Laughter)
BRZEZINSKI: “Yeah. I hope he is doing pretty well.”
KAY: “Yeah. This hasn’t hurt him.”

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