Sharpton: Dem Candidates ‘Must Earn Our Votes’

‘I think we need to hear what we started hearing yesterday from Hillary Clinton, some substantive things that they’re committed to’

BRZEZINSKI: "Give us your reflections from inside the meeting yesterday."
SHARPTON: "I thought it was a good meet ING secretary Clinton was very prepared. She was very specific in dealing with a lot of issues that the civil rights leaders that are out front today, what our concerns were because we’re more at what we’re going to endorse than who we’re going to endorse and she was prepared for that. And then we had our younger leaders in each organization. I brought four in from around the country under 40. So did urban league, so did naacp, she spent an hour with them because a lot of young people, young blacks are no more monolithic than old blacks that have different views. She’s met with different groups and they challenge her and they met and I thought it was a very candid meeting and then I attended a speech in Harlem. I thought it was one of the best speeches she’s given."
SCARBOROUGH: "So there’s a divide obviously in polling between older Americans and younger Americans. Do you see that divide among civil rights leaders as well? That younger civil rights leaders that met with her may be more skeptical kl of her and may be more --"
SHARPTON: "I don’t know if it’s generational as much as it is where you’ve got a lot of things that go into it, insider/outsider, traditional, untraditional. I might have been one of the few older civil rights leaders in the room that didn’t support her in ‘08, that supported Barack Obama. Then you have people older than me, the John Lewis generation, remember Joe Lowry, 20 or 30 years older than me that supported Obama. So I think sometimes we’re simplistic with the generational divide."
SCARBOROUGH: "Are you going to be endorsing?"
SHARPTON: "I don’t know. What I’m very concerned about is what are we saying? Not the slogans. Not what is easy to say. I think we need to hear what we started hearing yesterday from Hillary Clinton, some substantive things that they’re committed to. I think they must earn our votes and I think they played us cheap with just rah rah rah."

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