Levin: Trump Sounded Like ‘Radical Kook,’ Pretty Damn Close to Being 9/11 Truther

‘It sounds like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton’


LEVIN: “I watched that debate Saturday night. It was a disgrace. It was a disgrace. First of all, because that bum who is the chairman of the RNC -- I've been calling for his resignation since whenever -- packed that audience with his fat-cat donors and hangers-on and consultants and all the rest. There were times I couldn't even hear Ted Cruz's answer or Donald Trump's answer because they were being booed. Have you ever heard or seen that before? That's your 'Rinse' Priebus. That's your 'Rinse' Priebus ...

The debate. Let me tell you something about this debate. The fact that Donald Trump attacked George W. Bush, not because of his liberal domestic policies, not because he expanded Medicare, not because he was weak on the First Amendment. Not because of those things. Expanded Medicare, increased the debt, was for comprehensive immigration reform.

But the fact that he attacked George Bush as a commander-in-chief. Not because he disagreed with him. He attacked him as a liar who knew there were not weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and said he was responsible for 9/11 and he was responsible for those towers coming down. Ladies and gentlemen, that's why I posted on my Facebook this guy sounds like Code Pink...

He sounds like a radical kook. All the rest aside. All of it aside. I know too many Gold Star families who lost sons over there to hear this 9/11 truther crap, which is pretty close to it. Pretty damn close to it. If George Bush went to war in Iraq and was lying about weapons of mass destruction there could not be a worse thing a president of the United States could do, or human being for that matter. And there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. And he was not responsible for 9/11...

To have the leading Republican nominee for president of the United States to make these statements, and he's been praised by Code Pink. He should be praised by Code Pink and every kook organization out there and every left-wing kook organization that hates America. To have him praised for what he said? Terrible. Absolutely terrible. You and I've lived through this. You and I have lived through this. This isn't distant history.

For all the talk, 'Well, Ronald Reagan changed his mind.' Ronald Reagan would have never said what Donald Trump said. Never, ever. That's a disgrace. And not only that, Mr. Trump, it's a lie. You like to throw that word around? 'Cruz is a liar, and Carson is...' You're a liar! Bush did not lie about weapons of mass destruction in order to get us into that war. And he is not responsible for 9/11, or those towers coming down. You've crossed the line one too many.

And to those head bangers who want to ignore it, that's up to them. But the rest of heard it. We watched it. My jaw hit the floor. What the hell was this? Am I watching the Democratic debate? It sounds like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. It sounds like every kook conspiracy theorist out there and he said it. And doubles down.”

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