Paul Ryan: ‘We Are Banning Taxes on Your Internet Access for Good’

‘Americans should not have to worry about something as vital as this being taxed by any government at any level’

“Third, the Senate will complete work today on legislation to improve our nation’s trade enforcement system. This is a very big deal. This is something that I negotiated as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. It is the most comprehensive overhaul of our custom laws in a generation. 

One of the big reasons we have updated our trade laws is that we don’t want to allow competitors like China to write the rules of the global economy. So this bill provides the tools we need to actually enforce the agreements that we have. This is a big step in the right direction. It eliminates barriers to trade. It levels the playing field for our manufacturers and for our small businesses. The customs bill also place as permanent ban on taxing internet access. 

Internet tax freedom is one of those provisions that we’ve been extending every year in fits and starts. Americans should not have to worry about something as vital as this being taxed by any government at any level. So now, we are banning taxes on your internet access for good. This customs bill is also a very — is a bipartisan House-Senate conference report, that’s very important. Getting a bill passed to the House, getting a bill passed through the Senate then having a conference committee and a conference report and passing it through both chambers. 

This is how bill has become law. This is called regular order. So this also is another step toward regular order, I’m very proud of that fact. Last thing, while we are working to get things —“

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