Cantor: N.H. ‘Has Reset the Race’; ‘There Is a Clear Path’ for Jeb to Win the Nomination

‘Clearly I see Jeb coming out of New Hampshire in a very strong position’

BARTIROMO: "What is your reaction? I know that you are a Jeb Bush guy, right? And he's recently been sort of fighting back and doing better. Is he able to break out, you think, next couple of contests?"
CANTOR: "Listen, no question. Last night reset the race. New Hampshire voters demonstrated this race is still open. I think all along, here's been an indication that the Republican nominee will have to take on and beat Donald Trump then go on to beat the Clinton machine and Hillary Clinton. And clearly, I see Jeb coming out of New Hampshire in a very  strong position heading in to South Carolina as the one candidate who is ready to assume the office of being the commander-in-chief of our country from day one. Obviously, in South Carolina very strong state in terms of national security with Lindsay Graham on board. I think that message is going to really resonate very well. Jeb's always  said he's in this for the long haul and I do think now here's a clear opening and a path to seeing Jeb winning the nomination."

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