Bill O’Reilly: Trump and Sanders Are Saying Things that Are Impossible

‘That could never happen and their followers I guess don’t likely care’

O'REILLY: "That's actually a good question from Colbert. It's good and it's bad. The good part about it is it gets people engaged in the political process so -- that Trump himself has performed a miracle by making Americans actually pay attention to what's happening. That's good. What's bad is both Trump and Sanders say stuff that's impossible. That could never happen and their followers I guess don't likely care. So trump says for example, well, I'm going to deport 12 million illegal aliens. I said to him on my show, you can't because of due process. Once you're in the United States, whether legal or illegal, you have all the rights under the constitution, that would mean you have 12 million separate hearings in front of judges which would take us up to about the the year 2080."
COLBERT: "Stephen: Not if you use Judge Judy. She could whip through those people. Make some points, too. Judge Judy."
O'REILLY: "On the other side, you have Sanders going everybody is going to get a free public education."
COLBERT: "They do it all over the world."
O'REILLY: "It doesn't matter. There's only 16 people in Denmark, there is 325 million people here with $19 trillion in debt. I know you don't care but there is a big debt! And Bernie would double it and you can't do that. So it's never going to happen. So that's the good and the bad."

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