Chuck Todd to Reince Priebus: How Is Mike Huckabee a ‘Rebranding’ of the GOP?

‘Why did you invite him to speak on these women’s issues?’

Todd to Priebus: If You’re Trying to Rebrand GOP, Why Have Huckabee Speak on Women’s Issues? (Mediaite)

Daily Rundown’s Chuck Todd spoke to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Monday morning about Mike Huckabee’s comments at the RNC Winter Meeting last week, in which Huckabee accused the Democrats of treating women as dependent upon government for libido-control. Todd wondered why, if the GOP was trying to rebrand as less antagonistic toward women voters, Priebus invited outspoken social conservative Mike Huckabee in the first place.

“When I think about Mike Huckabee and the things the Republican Party is trying to do to appeal to different voting groups, Mike Huckabee on economic populism, as a form of reaching out, that would have made sense to me,” Todd said. “Why did you have Mike Huckabee — the last Republican in the country, essentially, standing behind Todd Akin in 2012, arguably the only supporter of Todd Akin at one point — why did you invite him to speak on these women’s issues?”

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