Fournier: Clinton’s Bigger Problem Is Not Sanders; It’s the ‘FBI Primary’

‘That’s a big unknown’

BRZEZINSKI: “That actually — collectively is pretty — is something, isn’t it?”
SCARBOROUGH: “Yeah, it is. And the thing is Hillary Clinton — this is pure Hillary. She’s down 30 points, she’s going to New Hampshire fighting like hell. She’s been one of the toughest people in politics, over 30,40 years in politics, and she’s not going to pass up New Hampshire. She’s going to fight hard. But, Ron Fournier, let me bring you in. You suggest that her bigger problem in the next couple of months is not Bernie Sanders or in even this campaign [indecipherable] something else. What?”
FOURNIER: “Well, it’s what I call the FBI primary. We don’t know what the FBI and the Justice Department is going to do with the investigation into her mishandling of her e-mails, and that’s a big unknown. I think, structurally she has not an easy path to the presidency but the easiest path — being a Democrat in a country that is leaning left in the presidential races and being by far the strongest establishment candidate in the Democratic primary. I’m not coronating her, but I’m saying she has the easiest path to the presidency. Therefore, her biggest obstacle is what she doesn’t know, what we don’t know, and that’s what the FBI is doing. I’ll say about New Hampshire, Joe, she should win it and she could win it. She has a big advantage this week because the expectations are so low. This is a state she won in 2008. It’s a state that saved her husband’s presidency. Structurally, it’s a state that favors the more establishment more moderate, more pragmatic candidate who could attract independent voters. So, I think what we’re seeing in the polls, the beginning of what could be a big surprise. And I would actually expect her to beat Sanders in New Hampshire. If she doesn’t, that shows weakness.”

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