Trump: ‘In Retrospect, We Should Have Had a Better Ground Game’ in Iowa

‘I think we could have used a better ground game, a term I wasn’t familiar with’

SCARABOROUGH: “Let’s go to Willie Geist in New York who has a question. Willie.”
GEIST: “Donald, good morning, good to talk to you.”
TRUMP: “Hi, Willie.”
GEIST: “Hello. Let’s talk about what happened in Iowa just a little bit as it pertains to New Hampshire. You’ve obviously risen on the power of your personality and your big crowds, but Ted Cruz won Iowa based on his organization. He had people working for months and months getting out to precincts, making sure voters came out. Do you feel in some ways you need to have a little bit more of a conventional campaign which is to say more organization on the ground going forward and more of a team that’s working on those kind of things?”
TRUMP: “I think we could have used a better ground game, a term I wasn’t familiar with. When you hear 'Ground game,' you say what the hell is that? (Laughter) Now I’m familiar with it. I think in retrospect we would have had a better ground game. I would have funded a better ground game but people told me my ground game was fine and I think by most standards it was. Don’t forget, in the history of Iowa, I got the most votes other than one person, Ted. I got the most votes in the history of Iowa for the Republican primary and caucus. I got a tremendous amount of votes, nobody came close. So that’s in history other than the one person. So there was a lot of action we had I think 50,000 or 60,000 people more voted than last time, which is tremendous and I’ll take some of that credit. There was a lot of spirit. I brought something to the Republicans and Ted had said this and other people said this, I had brought something I brought a lot more eyeballs growing in looking at what we’re doing and the crowds are much bigger. I think crowds are bigger for everyone. The crowds are very big for me but I think I’ve helped the crowds be bigger for everybody. That's a great thing. Now we had a record voter turnout in Iowa. My vote was a total record. I came in second place and it was an easy second place. I won by more than 2,000 votes. People said that Marco, a good guy, but people said Marco was right next to me. Well, he was more than 2,000 votes away. That’s a lot of votes. So I came in an easy second and one thing I had spoken to Joe about after it happened I said sort of strange because when Marco came in third, they were saying it was unbelievable. In fact, you would have thought he won. And I said why are they so excited about Marco's thirdplace finish and people spoke derisively about my second place finish. I said to myself that’s strange, I came in second, he came in third and his is a tremendous victory and mine’s not.”
SCARABOROUGH: “ Donald, welcome to politics. Howard Dean finished third in Iowa and his campaign was over and Marco Rubio finishes third in Iowa —"
BRZEZINSKI: "And Hillary Clinton celebrated without ever knowing whether she won.”

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