Monica Crowley: Hillary Clinton Had a ‘Political Near Death Experience’ in Iowa

‘The fact that Bernie Sanders fought her to a draw is an astonishing achievement’

HEMMER: “... like a FOX News has not called this race yet, to close to call. NBC has apparently. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, pretty much 50-50. Was this an easier state for him to find victory, do you think Monica, or not?”
CROWLEY: “Well, you know, look, I think the challenge for Mrs. Clinton is that she has been a national figure for 25-30 years. She has raised boatload of money. And the fact that Bernie Sanders fought her to a draw is an astonishing achievement. I mean just 12 months ago, Mrs. Clinton was leading Bernie Sanders by whopping 50 points, and today it’s too close to call, at least according to FOX it’s a 50-50 split. Look. going into New Hampshire, which is a week away, Mrs. Clinton is trailing Bernie Sanders by something like 50 points. So he will clobber her in a week and then the dynamics of this race will change. She just had a political near-death experience which was not predicted by anybody. And I think it puts a real scare into this campaign. I think it puts blood in the water, not just for Bernie Sanders but with this looming FBI investigation hanging over her head like the sword of Damocles, I think there might be other Democrats who would think perhaps it’s not too late to get in.”

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