Clinton Surrogate Steve Rattner Doesn’t Think Clinton Won Iowa

‘I think it was basically a draw’

SCARBOROUGH: “Steve Rattner, as a Clinton supporter, was last night a win, a loss a draw? How do you look at it?”
RATTNER: “I think it was basically a draw. I think all this talk about recounts and [about] precinct captains in the right place, or this or that, doesn’t really matter. I think if either candidate had had a decisive victory it would have set a direction for where the Democratic side was going.”
RATTNER: “But, I think — I think this is pretty much a draw. I think in New Hampshire, it’s a little like where you were talking about earlier this morning Joe, about Trump, there is a little bit of an expectation, even a good fight as John Heilemann was saying, but I don’t think a loss there.”
RATTNER: “We [indecipherable] changes anything. And then you move on to the south where she has the organization, she has the support from the blacks. And so I think things are OK.”

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