Giuliani: Donald Has Gone After Megyn Kelly ‘Pretty Hard’

‘He does go after her pretty hard’

CUOMO: “Full disclosure, you know, you’ve always been a very good mentor to me. When you’re walking out after one of the first appearances we did about this, you gave me a pat on the back. You said good analysis. Doesn’t apply to Trump. Remember who you’re talking about. And it’s really proven true. He does not have to play by the normal rules. Here we are again. If Rudy Giuliani had said, 'I don’t like the way fill in the blank, even FOX News is treating me. I’m not going to the debate', even I would have had to beat you with a big stick.”
GIULIANI: “I’d be dead. I’d have been dead. I’d have dropped 10 points. Boom, like that. They hold him to a different standard. This whole business background, that entertainment background, the reality TV background. The fact that they see him as a guy who’s tough and stands up. And they just interpreted it differently than they might interpret it. But me or Cruz or Trump.”
CUOMO: “If he were more traditional conservative, do you think FOX News would be doing the same thing?” 
GIULIANI: “Yes. Yes. I think they would because of the — sort of what they regard as a slap in the face to them, to their show, to their reporter. And he does go after her pretty hard.”

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