MacFarlane and Maher: Trump ‘a Backlash to Political Correctness’

Maher: ‘Donald Trump is largely a result of a backlash to political correctness’

MacFarlane and Maher: Trump Is a Backlash to Political Correctness (Breitbart)

“Family Guy” Creator Seth MacFarlane and HBO host Bill Maher argued that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump “is largely a result of a backlash to political correctness” on Friday’s “Real Time.”

Maher began the discussion by stating, “It used to be like you actually had to make a racist joke. Now you just say something to do with race, and some people hiss.” MacFarlane agreed, adding, “there are certain buzzwords that are instantaneous, they give you a knee-jerk reaction these days.”

After the discussion turned to the Oscars diversity controversy, Maher stated, “part of it is, and this is the dirty little secret, is that most movies are made now with an eye to the foreign market, and Asians really are racist. … I’m just honest. But they are. They don’t want to see black people, generally, in their movies. So, that’s — the Hollywood executives are like. ‘We’re not racists. We just have to pretend we’re racist, because we’re capitalists.'”Maher

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