Trump on Palin: We Never Discussed Position in My Administration

‘She didn’t even talked about it ... she views it as a movement’

KILMEADE: “Do you think that you would put her in your cabinet should you win?”
TRUMP: “Well, you know, it’s interesting, because she didn’t even talk about it. You know a lot of people, they’ll call, oh, gee, that’s called politics. And she never even mentioned it, it was just the endorsement. I don’t even know that she’d want to do that, actually.”
KILMEADE: “But would it be something you would think about, Donald Trump?”
TRUMP: Well, it would be something I would certainly think about. We never even discussed it. She was just happy to endorse. You know, she views it as a movement. She said it in the speech — for instance today, we’re doing the speech, I’m in Iowa right now, we’re doing something early in the morning in Iowa and a little while, right after this call and then we have a great crowd and then we go to Oklahoma. We’re going to have like 12,000, 13,000 people in Oklahoma. And it was just set up a couple of days ago. And you know, we have the biggest crowds by far. Much bigger than Bernie Sanders, by the way, but the press hates to say it. Yesterday, the other day Sanders had 3,000 people and I had 12,000. (Laughter) And they said, ‘oh, the crowds at Sanders are unbelievable.’”

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