Trump: I Will Beat Hillary Clinton ‘Soundly’

‘The polls show that I beat Hillary very soundly’

GUTHRIE: "You're in a battle, of course, with Cruz in Iowa. You are the top two candidates. If you had to name one thing that you would tell to Iowa voters that's the reason they should vote for you over Cruz, what would that one thing be?"

TRUMP: "Well, I think I'm going to make much better deals in terms of trade and in terms of the military and in terms of the vets. ObamaCare is going to be terminated and we're going to come up with something much, much better. ObamaCare is a big failure, you know, premiums are going up 25, 35, 45 percent, all of that. But, the one thing would be, I'm going to win. I mean, the polls are showing that I beat Hillary Clinton and I beat her soundly and I'm going to win. I haven't even started on Hillary yet. I haven't started on them yet. I have, you know, 13 people left on the Republican side, so I'm really focused on them, but -- and once I start it's going to be great but the polls are showing that I beat Hillary very soundly and I think that's an important element also."

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