Scarborough: If It Were Any Other Candidate But Trump, the Media Would Have Called This Race Over

‘Trump is destroying everybody outside of Iowa’

SCARBOROUGH: “But Willie, the headline — we’re talking about the wild card right now.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Who can get the wild card berth for the play off. The fact is, Donald Trump is so far ahead in every one of these polls — massively ahead. Let’s just state the obvious.”
GEIST: “Number one seed.”
SCARBOROUGH: “He’s the number one seed. Number one undefeated. Let’s just state the obvious. If it were any other candidate but Donald Trump right now the mainstream media would have called this race over.”
SCARABOROUGH: “Would have said it’s a TKO the fight’s over. Trump is destroying everybody outside of Iowa.”
GEIST: “And has been for six, seven, eight months now.” [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: “Yeah. And The ‘New York Times,’ some of that interactive still [indecipherable] is number 3.”
GEIST: “But, you’re right on that race for the wild card berth. If you look at the New Hampshire poll it could be any one of a cluster of those people. You have Jeb Bush and Chris Christie and Marco Rubio, there is a whole group there that hopes to hang around enough —“
BRZEZINSKI: “Maybe change the course.”
GEIST: “— to steal that lane.” 
HALPERIN: “Trump is trying to win Iowa. He’s there today with the big endorsement announcement. He’s going back many times before the caucuses. He’s not conceding Iowa.”
SCARBOROUGH: “And that Cruz-Trump battle.” [crosstalk]

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