Gov. Cuomo Slams Cruz: His Comments Wasn’t Just Anti-N.Y., It Was Anti-American

‘This is what he does ... this is the politics of division’

GEIST: "Okay. Joining us now by phone is new York governor, glad to have you with us this morning. Wanted to chat with you about some of the rhetoric on the campaign trail over the last couple of days. Ted Cruz accusing Donald Trump of embodying New York values using that saying it’s liberal and agrease evidence and not in line. What’s your reaction the comment of senator Cruz."
CUOMO: "I believe it’s highly offensive. Not just because I’m the New York governor, it was anti American. It wasn’t just anti New York. In 30 seconds the man was offensive to gays, women by attacking pro-choice women and this is what he does. This is the politics of division, right. It’s also why this country is in the situation it’s in and why we have the grid look and why you can’t govern. You can’t defend 18 million people. You can’t defend one of the largest states in the country. You can’t defend one of the largest delegations in the country. It’s exactly opposite what they say. They’re suppose to be expousing American values. All of them out of one, that’s what this country was about. That’s how he got here, by the way. You think the signs said only people from Canada that happen to come from Spanish-Irish descent. We said everyone is welcome. Canada that happen to come from Spanish and Irish descent, he said everyone’s welcome. It’s disturbing on every level. Hypocritical. Hypocritical of New York money. I’m sure he won’t take a donation from anybody in new York. As you know, Joe, we have a vibrant conservative movement in this state. We have about 30% of the people who identify themselves as conservatives. In my legislative body we have people who are very conservative. We have political differences, but we don’t have political divisions, and that’s the difference. That’s how we have consensus, and that’s how our legislature functions, by respecting the differences, not by trying to explode them into divisions."

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