Christie: Someone Needs to Talk About Entitlements

‘They all talk about other things’


SCARBOROUGH: "Let’s bring in Republican presidential candidate governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. Governor, thanks so much for being with us. I should talk with you about entitlement but I should ask you about the debate last night. What was your take?"
CHRISTIE: "Listen. I felt we had a good debate last night, to be able to talk about issues we really care about and to be ourselves. I told you from the very beginning, that’s my goal, listen to the question, answer the question, and be myself, and I think we accomplished all those things last night."
SCARBOROUGH: "Entitlement reform, third rail of the American politics, nobody wants to talk about it. You have talked about it. You talked about it when a lot of people said you had nothing to prove. Now yoting competitive in New Hampshire. Are you still going to be telling the Americans the truth about an entitlement system that’s going to go bankrupt in the next 20 years?"
CHRISTIE: "Of course. We’re definitely going to do that. The reason why is if we don’t do it we’re never going to be able to tackle the $19 trillion in debt, you know that, Joe, we’re not going to be able to rebuild our military and secure our medicare and social Kurt for future generations without a heavy tax increase which is what Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton would give you. They all talk about other things. That’s why I jumped in. I thought someone needed to answer the question."

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