Clinton on How She’ll Raise Wages: ‘Why Don’t We Invest More in Infrastructure?’

‘We can once again be the leader in advanced manufacturing’

CLINTON: " Well, look, I've made raising wages the centerpiece of my campaign and I've laid out a lot of the proposals that I think would work. And the only slight tweak to your question I would make is that, you know, by the end of the Clinton administration under my husband's economic policies, incomes were rising for everybody. They did go up. Not just from the top but the working folks. We listed more people out of poverty than in any time have recent American time. We don't have to despair. We've got to roll up our sleeves and get to work. We need more jobs and good jobs. Why don't we invest more in infrastructure. The debate that held up the highway bill forever just seems so misplaced. These are the  jobs that can't be exported. They're jobs done by Americans and while we're at it why don't we do what people say we should and have tax credits and incentives for companies who want to re-shore their jobs, bring their facilities here. We can once again be the leader in advanced manufacturing and that ties very neatly in what we have to do to combat climate change which is an economic opportunity of a generation if not more in putting, you know, clean renewable energy to the forefront in making those investments. We now have 174,000 people working in solar. Iowa where you are are right now already gets a third of its electricity by renewals, primarily from wind. This is not pie in the sky-stuff. This is new jobs, new opportunities. And then finally, let me just briefly say that we do have to alter the mindset about minimum wage because too many people on the Republican side running just don't even see the need for it. I don't know who they spend the time talking to because clearly that is something that is just crying out for change. And we've got to do more to make sure the women get the equal pay for the work we do, which is raise incomes, raise family incomes. We're a 70 percent consumption economy. If people aren't feeling that they have got a chance or the luxury, really, to start spending again, we're not going to grow the way we need to. And it's imperative that we do more to, you know, get credit flowing again for small business. So, I have a very clear view about what needs to happen and what will work. And, you know, Joe, I would love to get us back to not just a bipartisan, but a nonpartisan commitment on creating jobs and raising incomes. Because if we don't, it's not only our economy that's not going to grow the way we needed to, but you're going to continue to see the fissures in our democracy and our political system  because people are feeling marginalized, left out, left behind and we can't afford that."

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