Pelosi Gets Tongue-Tied Trying to Explain Why Young Women Aren’t Supporting Hillary

‘I think she’s doing just fine among younger women but young women are just like young men ... they are part of their generation’

MITCHELL: “Why do you think younger women on the trail don’t seem to be connecting with Hillary Clinton as much as older women? Younger women don’t seem to have that same sense that she would argue this as an historic opportunity to elect a woman president?”
PELOSI: “My understanding is between women between 18 and 35, among the very young, between 18 and say 20 something, she doesn’t do as well. But she overwhelms among women 26 to 34. She overwhelms. So I think she’s doing just fine among younger women, but young women are just like young men. They are part of their generation, and their generation is attracted to what Bernie Sanders has to say, and that’s a good thing. Hopefully he delivers them in the general election for the election of a Democratic House, a Democratic Senate and of course most important part of all electing a Democratic president of the United States.”

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