Rubio: ‘Obama’s Not a Failure Because He Was a Senator; His Ideas and His Ideologies Are Flawed’

‘Obama’s a failure ... clearly it wasn’t experience’

RUBIO: “The bottom of line is —“
STEPHANOPOULOS: “What do you make about experience that — [crosstalk] — you’re coming — coming from the voters worried that you don’t have the experience, or that you could be another Obama?”
RUBIO: “Well, first of all, Obama’s not a failure because he was a senator. Obama’s a failure but he’s had seven years of presidential experience and he’s still making enormous mistakes, so clearly it wasn’t experience. It was his ideas and his ideologies are flawed. But the broader point is it is true there are people running for president that have lived longer than I have, but there is no one running as a Republican for president who has more experience, has shown better judgment, or has better understanding of our national security issues than I do. And that’s the number one job of a president, is to be the commander in chief. And none of these other people running are more experienced on that issue or have shown better judgment, especially over the last five years, than I have. And so I’m confident that as we continue to make that argument, the people who are troubled by that, will move on and come to support it.”

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